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Shrines, Shrines everywhere Shrines!
here is a community for to those of us who fancy ourselves altar builders (and finders!) and would like somewhere to show 'em off!

i suspect that this community may go a bit slowly, with heavy posting at the holydays, so i've expanded it to include "found" altars: the buddha statue with flowers next to it that you might spy in someone's garden while walking down the street, your grandmother's precious moments collection neatly arranged, your little sisters stuffed elephant collection -- you get the idea!

please, also include pictures of your altar from last Samhain, the healing altar you set up for your best friend, that perfect fall leaf next to a simple glass of water you set up to celebrate fall. Sometimes the meanings of the arrangements we encounter, or set up ourselves don't reveal themselves immediately, but whisper their secrets over time.

altars can be: intentional, found, unintentional, spontaneous, spiritual, temporary, artsy, ugly, simple, beautiful, elaborate or mundane. they can occupy a small area or be as large as a house. it doesn't matter -- we want to see them all!

please note: when you post, please post the pictures behind a cut and give a brief description of what it is, where it is, what is on it and why it is.


Circles, Groves, Sanctuaries by Dan Campanelli
In a Spiritual Style: The Home as Sanctuary by Laura Cerwinske
A Book of Women's Altars: How to Create Sacred Spaces for Art, Worship, Solace, Celebration by Nancy Brady Cunningham and Denise Geddes
Altars: Bringing Sacred Shrines into Your Everyday Life by Denise Linn
Sacred Space by Denise Linn
Altars of Power and Grace: Create the Life You Desire by Robin Mastro
Crafting Personal Shrines: Using Photos, Mementos & Treasures to Create Artful Displays by Carol Owen
Neo-Pagan Sacred Art and Altars: Making Things Whole by Sabina Magliocco
Making Shadow Boxes and Shrines by Kathy Cano-Murillo
Altars Made Easy: A Complete Guide To Creating Your Own Sacred Space by Peg Streep

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