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My altar to Hathor

Hello all! i'm new to this group and glad to be here!

i am a worshiper of Hathor, and after a year of not speaking to her, i have decided it's time to get back in touch with the wonderful goddess who never left my side.

so today i prettied up my altar to the Golden Lady. Enjoy!

The front view of my altar. i'll go into more details about what's on my altar in the next picture. i picked the lapis lazuli background and the red and gold altar cloth because all these colors are sacred to Hathor.
Behind the altar are all pictures i really enjoy and seem to represent Hathor and her attributes.

The top view of the altar. A statue of Hathor in the center flanked on both sides by white candles. The bag on the left holds white sage. The little bowl in the center holds water (Which my cat Shiva likes to drink from. Hathor incidentally finds this quite humorus.) On the right is a gold necklace and a mirror.

Close up of my statue of Hathor.

 (from left to right) A dancing girl, two women enjoying each other ( as i;m a lesbian, this is my representation of both love and sex), Hathor herself with the words "Oh Hathor, may your merciful face be towards me." underneath, Hathor as a cow in the paprus reeds as The Lady of the West (more on that further down), and Hathor as a cow-headed woman playing the sistrum and dancing.

The bottom part of my altar. This holds a framed picture of a bound and kneeing woman with the words "Gift of Submission" beneath (i am into BDSM and in a consensual M/s relationship with my Mistress) so this represents our love and relationship. In front of that is my Lelo, as sex is sacred to Hathor. And to the right is the book "Offerings to Isis". It's the closest i could find to Egyptian rituals, and since i believe at some point Hathor and Isis were merged, it works the same.

i'm only going to put the close up of two of the most important pictures to me from the background.

This has always been one of my most favorite pictures i have ever found depicting Hathor. she was one of the only Egyptian deities to be pictures full faced. The prayer underneath was an actual Egyptian prayer to Hathor.

One of the pictures from the background of my altar is Hathor as The Lady of the West. This picture is important to me, because i lost my younger brother a year ago on the 14th and this is to remind me that Hathor greets all those who have passed on.

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